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AATCO was established in Sana'a, Republic of Yemen in 1999, becoming the leading local company in the field of supplying and installing life safety solutions. By realizing the importance of multiple safety security services, we have become specialized in providing complete services and solutions under one roof to combat all types of fires, Supply all fire extinguishers, high-quality fire fighting equipment, fire pumps, fire protection systems, fire alarms and emergency systems, security systems, surveillance systems, customized systems, safety and rescue suits, breathing cylinders, marine rescue equipment, security equipment, road safety equipment, IMO safety signs, and vehicles such as fire engines, fire trucks and ambulances.


Our history

Years of Journey


Shaping A Great Future Together, Inspired Leadership, Super Product & Services.

We Will Maintain A High Level Of Ethics Teamwork And Professionalism, While Demonstrating A Caring Attitude Towards Employee And Customers

An Outstanding Organization, Exceptional People, Workplace Of Choice.

To Earn The Lifetime Loyalty Of Our Customers By Consistently Delivering Frequent High Performing Quality Products & Services Which Offer Excellent Values

Our goal is to help our consumers understand the importance of fire safety, to deliver practical and effective solutions, prevent and reduce a fire breakout while minimizing or eliminating the casualty counts in your home or building.

We hold ourselves to each other and the community through teamwork, participative decision making, continued training and education.

Fast delivery and execution for the job, Ability to meet our clients’ expectations on a win-win basis, Extensive experience in our field of business, Variety of services to meet the needs of our target market and client, Strong, dedicated and professional staff care for our clients, Accepting challenges as a catalyst for innovative solutions, Performance based on considering problems Customers are just like our problems.

To handle our responsibility with ambition and resourcefulness and to organize ourselves to a transparent and consistent workflow, to respect sound theory and encourage creative experiments, to offer competitive prices with service, to meet customer satisfaction and to make our workplace a source of pride.



We build customer relationships and ensure their satisfaction


We respect and value all individuals, our diversity is our strength


We consistently demonstrate high ethical standards in our actions


We lead by creating an environment of continuous improvement


We believe in TW and put collective goals over personal interests




AATCO is committed to provide quality services related to Design/Engineering, supply, installation, supervision, integration, testing and commissioning, training and maintenance of all types of Fire Protection Systems, smoke management system, Fire Alarm & Gas detection systems including Fire Fighting systems, sprinkler systems, dry chemical powder system, wet chemical systems, fire pumps, water spray systems, water mist systems, pre-action systems, foam systems, all types of clean agent systems, CO2 systems, fire hydrant systems, fire alarm systems, fire doors, elc A potential fire in a risk-related environment would significantly impact the working- and public environment, and AATCO Vehicle measures and mitigates impacts from manufacture to end-of-life. By choosing a AATCO system, our customers can rest assured that it contributes added value to their own work.

AATCO is committed offer quality services in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and minimizes our potential impact on the environment. We are operating in compliance with local statutory legislations, and requirements to the industry sector in which it operates The overall objective of AATCO has always been to work with continuous improvements, research, and developments to make our systems more reliable, sustainable, and innovative.

The overall objective of AATCO has always been to work with continuous improvements, research, and developments to make our systems more reliable, sustainable, and innovative. very fire will cause significant environmental effects , as AACTO carries on our responsibility for securing an environmentally for the upcoming generation We are proud to be on the front line of our work, improving and applying environmentally solutions.

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